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Datalang is a powerful tool that allows you to query databases using natural language. It simplifies the process by allowing you to ask questions like you would to a person, and then fetching and translating the answers for you. To get started, you simply need to set up a data source and configure the connection string. Then, you can ask questions such as "how many users?" or "what is the MRR?" and datalang will use GPT-3 to generate a natural language answer.

One of the main features of datalang is its simplicity, as it doesn't require extensive technical knowledge to use. It also ensures the security of your data, encrypting the connection string and credentials and only decrypting them when necessary for data operations. There is also an API available to manage data sources and ask questions.

The tool can handle a wide range of questions, similar to those you would ask a data analyst. It can provide insights on metrics such as the number of users during a specific time frame or common values in a certain field. Additionally, it can be integrated with other tools through its API.

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DataLang possible use cases:

  1. Retrieve information from database using natural language.
  2. Get insights on common values in a certain field by asking your database.
  3. Integrate database with other tools through the API like chatbots and other tools. DataLang
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