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What is CSM?

CommonSim is a 3D generation AI tool for game design and content creation. It includes an API, image and text conversion, and action simulation. The platform allows users to train and learn AI, create 3D environments, and collaborate with others. The tool has received funding from reputable investors, such as Intel Capital and Toyota Ventures.

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CSM Core features

  • ✔️ 3d generation
  • ✔️ Game design
  • ✔️ Content creation
  • ✔️ Api
  • ✔️ Image conversion
  • ✔️ Text conversion
  • ✔️ Action simulation
  • ✔️ Ai training
  • ✔️ Ai learning
  • ✔️ Collaboration

CSM use case ideas

  1. Train and learn AI.
  2. Create 3D environments.
  3. Collaborate with others in game design.
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