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Coursable is a personal AI study assistant that makes it easy to start learning new topics by generating personalized courses from approved study materials on the web. Whether you want to learn data structures or delve into a completely new subject, Coursable can generate a custom guide for you.

Using Coursable is simple - just let it know what subject you'd like to study, and it will adjust the course to your needs. It searches for existing online materials, evaluates their quality, and provides you with an optimal course to get started. You can also request changes to optimize the course and make it exactly what you want to learn.

Coursable is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to begin their research, gain a general understanding of a subject, or prepare for advanced courses online. It acts as a booster to your education and can substitute a professionally taught course. With Coursable, you can enjoy the benefits of personal one-on-one education, customized to your preferences.

Once you have confirmed the course, Coursable provides you with access to the materials and a structured course outline. You can learn at your own pace, track your progress, and even share the course as a PDF.

In summary, Coursable is your go-to AI tool for personalized learning. It helps you start your learning journey, provides curated courses, and adapts to exactly what you want to learn. Details

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  1. Start learning a new subject with personalized learning plans.
  2. Gain a general understanding of a topic quickly.
  3. Create online courses easily on different topics.
  4. Generate Curated course materials for a topic of interest.
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