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What is cookAIfood?

Cookaifood is an AI tool for generating recipes. It allows users to discover and share hundreds of AI-generated recipes, as well as create and customize their own recipes using a range of ingredients. The tool also includes advanced features such as a diet planner, grocery list, printable cookbook, calorie counter, meal plan, and nutrition monitor. Users can purchase credits to access additional recipe generation and image customization options, and can also participate in a community of recipe lovers to share and exchange ideas.

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cookAIfood Core features

  • ✔️ Recipe discovery
  • ✔️ Recipe sharing
  • ✔️ Custom recipe creation
  • ✔️ Diet planner
  • ✔️ Grocery list

cookAIfood use case ideas

  1. Plan meals and generate recipes based on dietary restrictions.
  2. Create custom recipes using a range of ingredients.
  3. Share and exchange recipe ideas with a community of food lovers. cookAIfood
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