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What is Context?

The AI tool is a chatbot platform that can assist users in learning from their favorite website, e-book, podcast, or video. It offers a range of chatbots, including trending and newly released options. The chatbot can be accessed in just 5 minutes and users can browse and create their own bots. Some notable chatbots available include those featuring Newton Robbins, Jordan B. Peterson, and Lex Fridman.

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Context Core features

  • ✔️ Learn from favorite website
  • ✔️ E-book
  • ✔️ Podcast
  • ✔️ Video
  • ✔️ Trending bots
  • ✔️ Newly released options
  • ✔️ Quick access

Context use case ideas

  1. Personalized learning from favorite media sources.
  2. Efficient browsing and creation of chatbots.
  3. Access to trending and newly released chatbots. Context
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