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What is Content brief generator?

Dashword is an AI tool that generates content briefs for free. A content brief defines the tone, structure, and specific requirements for a piece of content. It is an invaluable tool for defining expectations and making the content creation process efficient. Dashword recommends covering the target audience, tone of voice, high-quality content outline, keyword suggestions, example content, and required content length in a content brief. The tool offers a free content brief template and a generator for custom briefs.

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Content brief generator Core features

  • ✔️ Define target audience
  • ✔️ Recommend tone of voice
  • ✔️ Generate high-quality content outline
  • ✔️ Suggest keywords
  • ✔️ Provide example content

Content brief generator use case ideas

  1. Efficient content creation.
  2. Defining expectations for content.
  3. Improving content quality. Content brief generator
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