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Contenda helps developer relations professionals, technical content marketers, content creators, and others to transform videos into concise blogs. You can repurpose and reuse your content more by transforming it into other forms of media.The AI tool allows for the creation of original content from existing content with accuracy and tone matching, without providing detailed guidance or modeling. The tool can automate the repurposing of existing video content and create unlimited transformations. Additionally, it can code livestream tutorials and Twitter threads. The tool can transform existing content-ready-to-share for blogs, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is used in a creative, fun way, such as creating an adventure book or developing a direct graph data structure for a choose-your-own-adventure story.

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Contenda possible use cases:

  1. Transforming video content into blog posts.
  2. Automating content repurposing.
  3. Creating original content from existing content. Contenda
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