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What is Collie?

Collie is a versatile AI tool that streamlines the process of fetching and showcasing website assets in a user-friendly knowledge hub.By effortlessly retrieving public data from specified URLs, Collie provides a seamless search experience for users.

This AI tool operates as an automated web scraping program, visiting URLs to extract content, media, and files for indexing in the searchable Mixpeek asset index.Supported file types include PDFs, images, videos, audio, and HTML text, ensuring comprehensive search results.

Collie offers a fast crawling process, with search results becoming available once the extraction is complete.Additionally, for enhanced security, Collie has a robust security stance to protect extracted content.

For those interested in searching non-public content, Collie offers a private embedded file search option.Integrating Collie's search functionality on a website is easy by adding a search bar or directly calling the API.

Best of all, Collie is free for websites with 1000 pages or less, with options available for accessing private content in beta.For inquiries or assistance, contacting the Mixpeek team at [email protected] will provide detailed guidance and support.

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⭐ Collie Core features

  • ✔️ Automated web scraping program
  • ✔️ Extracts content, media, and files from specified URLs
  • ✔️ Supports file types like PDFs, images, videos, audio, and HTML text
  • ✔️ Fast crawling process with quick search results
  • ✔️ Robust security features for protecting extracted content

⚙️ Collie use case ideas

  1. Effortlessly create a user-friendly knowledge hub on your website using Collie to showcase website assets gathered from specified URLs, providing a seamless search experience for visitors without manual effort.
  2. Utilize Collie's automated web scraping capabilities to extract and index diverse file types such as PDFs, images, videos, audio, and HTML text for comprehensive search results, streamlining content discovery for users.
  3. Enhance website security by leveraging Collie's robust security measures to protect extracted content, while also having the option to enable a private embedded file search for non-public content, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

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Web developers
Digital marketers
Content creators
Seo specialists
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