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Chatwithpdf is a chatgpt plugin to allow users to load and query PDF documents. Users provide a temporary PDF URL for processing and can then ask questions and analyze information based on the PDF document's name. The tool is easily installed from the plugin store and offers features such as semantic search within PDF documents and the ability to extract relevant information based on user queries. Chatwithpdf can load both publicly accessible and Google Drive documents and does not store data permanently, with PDFs immediately wiped and embeddings deleted after one hour or upon user requests. Overall, the tool provides a convenient way to search and analyze PDF documents based on natural language queries.

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ChatWithPDF possible use cases:

  1. Search for specific information within a PDF document via a chatGPT interface.
  2. Extract relevant data from a PDF document within chatGPT.
  3. Analyze PDF documents based on natural language queries in a chat fashion.
  4. Load and query publicly accessible PDF documents from within chatGPT.
  5. Load and query Google Drive PDF documents in chatGPT. ChatWithPDF
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