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What is ChatWithDocs? 5 0 ratings is an AI-powered tool that allows users to easily chat with documents. With just 2 lines of code, users can login and chat with their documents in various formats including PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPTX, and TXT. It supports multiple programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and cURL, making it easy to integrate into different applications.

Users can ask questions about the document using the API and receive answers instantly. The tool offers simple and transparent pricing, with users being charged 2 credits for uploading a document and 1 credit for asking a document question. ensures privacy and security with its strict privacy policy and terms of use. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this AI tool is a valuable resource for anyone looking to easily interact and extract information from their documents.

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ChatWithDocs possible use cases:

  1. Enhancing document collaboration by enabling real-time chat and interaction.
  2. Automating document analysis and extraction of information through conversational queries.
  3. Integrating document chat functionality into applications for improved user experience. ChatWithDocs
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