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Chaton is an AI chat bot assistant app available on the Apple Store. It is powered by advanced chat GPT API and GPT-4 models, offering a high level of human-like interaction. Chaton can be a useful tool for various purposes, such as supercharging sales copy, writing speeches, and creating engaging content. It offers personalized help with writing projects, including emails, speeches, and poems. With its text-to-image feature, Chaton can help turn ideas into captivating images. The app also includes a grammar and spelling checker, a professional rewriter, and a social media posts creator. Additionally, Chaton offers an image-to-text converter, a text summarizer, and a text-to-speech option. It can also function as an AI keyboard, a math guru, an expert coder, a resume and cover letter builder, and an email generator.

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  1. Use AI assistant for writing on your iPhone.
  2. Write emails on the go on your phone. ChatOn
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