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Chatfast is a platform that allows users to create GPT chatbots to answer questions on their website. Users can upload files or provide website URLs to train their chatbots, which are built to answer questions in real-time. Chatfast processes data by extracting and analyzing text to ensure the chatbot accurately picks up on relevant information. The platform supports 50+ different languages, and users can add custom Q&As to their chatbots to answer specific inquiries. Chatbot visitors' information is collected to provide valuable analytics. Chatfast offers a free-tier option, but also offers paid plans, including API access.The platform supports plain text, PDFs, website URLs.

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ChatFast possible use cases:

  1. Create a chatbot for customer support on a website.
  2. Train a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions.
  3. Collect analytics on chatbot visitors' interactions. ChatFast
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