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Cephadex AI is an educational assistant tool that offers personalized educational solutions for teachers, students, content creators, and parents.It simplifies and enhances the learning experience by turning various inputs such as PDFs, PPTs, documents, MP3s, Wikipedia pages, and YouTube videos into custom decks and flashcards.

Teachers can reclaim their time by transforming PowerPoint presentations into quizzes and recording lectures.They can also assign quizzes and worksheets to students and have their creations graded automatically.

Students can take control of their learning journey by enjoying learning through YouTube videos and turning content into flashcards or quizzes to prepare for exams.The tool uses spaced repetition system to ensure effective learning and helps in mastering subjects.

Content creators can enrich their offerings by providing viewers with learning tools that reinforce the content through custom cards.It helps them engage with the audience and build a stronger community.

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Cephadex possible use cases:

  1. Transform PowerPoint presentations into quizzes for learning and practice.
  2. Turn wikipedia articles into learning resources.
  3. Create customised learning plans for your children or students.
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