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What is Census GPT?

CensusGPT solves the problem of inaccessible census data -- simply ask a question, and CensusGPT gives you an answer in the form of tabular data as well as visualizations. This tool is perfect for researchers, economists and anyone else with an interest in answering their questions with publicly-available census data across topics like demographics, race, and income. CensusGPT is built on top of the open-source TextSQL project, which enables users to "talk" to any dataset in natural language through using AI to convert the query into SQL.

Census GPT Details

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Tagged: Data Analysis SQL

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Census GPT Core features

  • ✔️ Query census data
  • ✔️ Convert question to sql
  • ✔️ Provide tabular data
  • ✔️ Generate visualizations

Census GPT use case ideas

  1. Research data analysis.
  2. Economic analysis.
  3. Demographic analysis.
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