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The LinkedIn Carousel Generator is a free tool that allows users to create carousel posts on LinkedIn, increasing engagement and visibility on the platform. Users can import various slides from tweets, Reddit posts, or image URLs, and the tool creates a PDF document that can be uploaded as a carousel post on LinkedIn. Carousel posts are a catchy and effective way to showcase long-form content on the platform, with a high level of engagement. The tool is entirely free to use and is brought by Taplio and Aadit. Users can find inspiration for carousel posts by looking at successful tweets or exploring LinkedIn trends, and a LinkedIn content strategy can be built using Taplio's blog and resources.

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Carousel possible use cases:

  1. Increase engagement on LinkedIn by creating carousel posts.
  2. Showcase long-form content on LinkedIn using carousel posts.
  3. Build a LinkedIn content strategy using Taplio's resources. Carousel
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