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What is Buildt?

Buildt is an AI tool designed to help developers quickly search and understand large codebases. It offers context-based search capabilities that go beyond simple string matching. Users can perform full file codegen across a project and access line-by-line analysis in supported languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Ruby. The tool uses proprietary synthetic data sets to train its AI model, improving its ability to interpret code accurately. Buildt does not store copies of the indexed codebases and has policies to protect users' privacy and data.


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Buildt Core features

  • ✔️ Context-based search
  • ✔️ Full file codegen
  • ✔️ Line-by-line analysis
  • ✔️ Supported languages: javascript, typescript, python, ruby
  • ✔️ Proprietary synthetic data sets
  • ✔️ User privacy protection policies

Buildt Highlights:

Provides a VS code extension

Buildt use case ideas

  1. Quickly search and understand large codebases.
  2. Perform full file codegen across a project.
  3. Access line-by-line analysis in supported languages. Buildt
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