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Bugasura Spaces is an AI-powered bug tracker that offers a clutter-free and modern bug tracking experience for tech leaders and their teams. With Bugasura, users can report, track, and close bugs three times faster than traditional methods.

The AI-powered issue tracker in Bugasura allows users to report bugs faster using generative AI and find similar bugs in a clutter-free tracker. The tool features a sleek design and provides visual and detailed bug reports with auto-generated issue parameters.

Bugasura is designed to streamline workflows and help teams close bugs faster. It offers sprint management, automatic assignees, and customizable workflows. The collaborative bug tracker makes it easier to share and close feedback loops with every stakeholder, boosting team productivity.

Bugasura also offers powerful integrations with popular tools like Jira, GitHub, Slack, Asana, and Zendesk. It provides simple plug-and-play integrations to supercharge product development and testing processes.

With Bugasura, users can communicate and capture bugs contextually using the Chrome extension and Android reporter. The product also allows for simple installation, screen captures, and annotations of bugs that auto-populate the issue tracker.

Bugasura is the holistic bug tracker that modern technology teams need. It offers practical add-ons and communications features to enhance bug tracking.

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Bugasura possible use cases:

  1. Streamlining bug tracking workflows for software developers.
  2. Enhancing team productivity in bug management.
  3. Improving bug reporting and tracking efficiency for software products.
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