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What is Bubble?

Bubbl is a no-code platform that allows users to build AI-powered applications using the latest technologies, including OpenAI's chat GPT. Users can connect and customize APIs, edit and use app extensions, and leverage community-built plugins to generate text, images, and speech for their applications. The platform also offers resources, education, and a community forum for users to develop and troubleshoot AI-related problems. Bubbl's no-code approach enables users to build powerful AI products without requiring any coding knowledge or experience.

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Bubble Core features

  • ✔️ Build ai-powered applications
  • ✔️ Connect and customize apis
  • ✔️ Edit and use app extensions
  • ✔️ Generate text, images, and speech
  • ✔️ Leverage community-built plugins

Bubble use case ideas

  1. Build a chatbot for customer service.
  2. Create an AI-powered virtual assistant.
  3. Develop a personalized recommendation engine.
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