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What is Brandmark?

The free AI-powered design tool offered by Brandmark helps you generate color and font ideas for your logo project.It automates color and graphics selection, logo ranking, and logo measurements, and allows you to create multi-resolution logos and favicons.

You can also use it to generate font pair ideas for your website, shop, or blog, and create logos for three different brands.The tool is user-friendly and easy to access through a free account, with support and help available whenever you need it.

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Brandmark Core features

  • ✔️ Color and font selection
  • ✔️ Logo ranking
  • ✔️ Logo measurements
  • ✔️ Multi-resolution logos and favicons generation
  • ✔️ Font pair ideas for website, shop or blog
  • ✔️ Logo creation for three different brands

Brandmark use case ideas

  1. Generate logo and font ideas.
  2. Create multi-resolution logos and favicons.
  3. Generate font pair ideas for website, shop, or blog. Brandmark
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