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Boxy, is an AI coding assistant from CodeSandbox. Boxy is designed to enhance the coding experience and bring ideas to code faster. With Boxy, developers can expect 2x faster machine performance and a range of useful features.

One of the key use cases of Boxy is code reviews. It allows developers to review pull requests without disrupting their workflow, making the review process seamless. Additionally, Boxy provides code sandboxes for quickly prototyping ideas and experimenting with new tools.

For learning and experimenting, Boxy offers support for trying frameworks and experimenting with new tools. It is especially beneficial for students who want to learn and explore coding in a practical way.

The AI coding assistant brings the benefits of AI to enhance the coding experience. It can explain code contextually, generate code refactorings, and provide insights and explanations to deepen understanding.

Overall, Boxy is a powerful tool for developers, offering a faster coding experience and a range of AI-powered features.

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Boxy possible use cases:

  1. Seamless code reviews and contextual explanation for code.
  2. Quick prototyping and experimentation for software ideas.
  3. Learning and exploring coding and new frameworks easily. Boxy
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