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What is Booth.AI? 0 0 ratings is an AI tool that generates high-quality lifestyle and product photographs quickly and easily. It is aimed at a broad array of custom, including retail, manufacturing, and creators looking to expand their image catalog and elevate their brand. The platform allows anyone to become a photographer, with three simple steps: upload a reference photo of the product, submit text prompt describing the vision, and receive the image seconds later. The tool provides high-resolution (4k) images ready to use on websites and marketing materials. also includes an edit tool, but additional editing services are available upon request.

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Tagged: Marketing Art Generation

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Booth.AI possible use cases:

  1. Retailers can quickly generate product images for their online store.
  2. Manufacturers can create product images for their catalogs.
  3. Content creators can expand their image catalog and elevate their brand. Booth.AI
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