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What is BLAZE?

Blaze is a no-code platform that helps teams build web apps without coding. It offers features such as admin panel, workflows, document management, inventory management, and product management. It is HIPAA compliant and provides enterprise-level security. It also includes a no-code online database and AI-powered custom onboarding. Blaze enables teams to connect multiple apps together seamlessly and automatically connects data sources and APIs.

BLAZE Details

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BLAZE Core features

  • ✔️ Admin panel
  • ✔️ Workflows
  • ✔️ Document management
  • ✔️ Inventory management
  • ✔️ Product management

BLAZE use case ideas

  1. Build a custom inventory management system.
  2. Create a workflow for document approval.
  3. Develop a product management dashboard. BLAZE
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