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BetterLegal Assistant is a Chrome extension tool that aims to simplify legal language for everyone. This innovative tool allows users to transform complicated legalese into straightforward language within seconds. With BetterLegal Assistant's free extension, users can easily copy legal text and paste it into the tool, then click "explain" to receive a clear and concise translation.

The tool empowers users to navigate the world of legal language with ease. It converts complex legal jargon into clear and easy-to-understand terms that even a anyone can grasp. Whether you are reviewing contracts, agreements, or official documents, BetterLegal Assistant breaks down the barriers of legalese, ensuring that you are always informed and never left in the dark.

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BetterLegal Assistant possible use cases:

  1. Reviewing contracts and agreements.
  2. Understanding legal documents.
  3. Translating legal jargon to simple language. BetterLegal Assistant
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