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What is Baseten?

Stabl Diffus is an open-source AI tool for generating images from text prompts. It uses a stable image generation model and is suitable for government and creative ML usage. The prompt can describe a variety of elements, such as objects, backgrounds, and styles. Output examples include cyberpunk portraits and realistic images of a lion wearing a cowboy hat. The tool is powered by Baseten.

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⭐ Baseten Core features

  • ✔️ Generate cyberpunk portrait
  • ✔️ Generate realistic image lion cowboy hat
  • ✔️ Generate variety elements
  • ✔️ Suitable government creative ml usage
  • ✔️ Powered by baseten

⚙️ Baseten use case ideas

  1. Creative ML projects.
  2. Government image generation.
  3. Artificial Intelligence research.
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