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What is B12 website builder?

B12 is an AI-powered website builder that helps businesses launch a professional online presence quickly and easily.With B12, you can create a website with the tools you need to succeed online, including invoicing, scheduling, documents and eSignatures, and email marketing.

The platform also offers on-page SEO website conversion tools, client engagement features, and third-party integrations.B12's AI-powered platform automatically generates drafts of new website content, blog posts, and email campaigns in seconds.

You can customize your online presence with the user-friendly B12 Editor or get help from their design and copywriting experts.The platform also offers a range of tools for managing contacts, sending emails, scheduling appointments, and processing payments.

With B12, you can save time by applying AI to more aspects of your business.You can automate how you draft new content and send emails, invoices, and payment reminders to clients.The platform is also team-friendly, allowing you to invite team members to help manage your website, clients, communication, documents, appointments, and payments.

B12's website builder offers a range of features that can help businesses grow their online presence.With stunning web design, effective content, cohesive branding, and industry-relevant imagery, you can make the most of your first impression with potential clients.

The platform also makes maintenance simple, with AI that drafts new content in seconds.B12's AI website builder comes with sleek contact forms, online appointment scheduling, invoicing, and email marketing tools.

Offer clear touchpoints for website visitors to connect with you and work with your business in just a few clicks.The platform also offers integrated contact management, email marketing, and contracts with eSignatures.

B12's AI-powered platform drafts your industry-specific site in seconds, allowing you to generate marketing email drafts in seconds, respond to leads within the platform, and organize all contact data from a single dashboard.

The platform also offers online business tools that let you get paid sooner by invoicing clients directly on your website.B12 is an easy-to-use AI website builder that can help businesses attract, win, and serve their clients online.

With its range of features and tools, B12 can help businesses save time and focus on growing their business.


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B12 website builder Core features

  • ✔️ AI website builder
  • ✔️ Auto SEO optimization
  • ✔️ Content generation
  • ✔️ Ready made tools and widgets
  • ✔️ Ready Dashboard
  • ✔️ Custom domain

B12 website builder use case ideas

  1. Create a professional website for your business quickly and easily without code.
  2. Save time by automating website content creation and email marketing include on-page SEO optimization.
  3. Manage contacts, appointments, and payments from a single dashboard for your online business.
  4. Make the most of your first impression with potential clients through your web site and effective content without hiring developers.
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