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What is Auri.AI? is an AI writing tool that offers features such as spell check, grammar correction, translation, and paraphrasing. It can be accessed through a keyboard app that supports over 25 languages and themes. The tool also includes an AI chat feature for brainstorming and fact-checking. is designed with privacy in mind and does not access sensitive data such as passwords or credit card information. The basic version of the tool is free with the option to subscribe for additional features.

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⭐ Auri.AI Core features

  • ✔️ Spell check
  • ✔️ Grammar correction
  • ✔️ Translation
  • ✔️ Paraphrasing
  • ✔️ Ai chat

⚙️ Auri.AI use case ideas

  1. Improve writing accuracy.
  2. Translate text.
  3. Brainstorming and fact-checking.
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