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What is Augxlabs?

The AI tool is a video creation tool called "Prompt Video". It is designed to help content creators, such as podcasters, radio hosts, comedians, and musicians, tell better stories and create engaging videos effortlessly. The tool allows creators to upload audio, video, or record new content to add to their videos. The aim of the tool is to help content creators create compelling videos that stand out in a sea of online videos and grow their audience without requiring special skills or expensive software tools. The tool is currently in beta, and interested users can sign up to gain beta access.

Augxlabs Details

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Augxlabs Core features

  • ✔️ Audio editing
  • ✔️ Video creation
  • ✔️ Upload content
  • ✔️ Compelling video creation
  • ✔️ Grow audience

Augxlabs use case ideas

  1. Podcasters can use Prompt Video to turn their audio content into engaging videos.
  2. Radio hosts can use Prompt Video to create video content from their shows.
  3. Musicians can use Prompt Video to create music videos from their recordings. Augxlabs
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