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Augment is a personalized AI assistant that helps users keep track of their scattered digital life.It learns and accesses data from various apps and automatically saves and summarizes everything important.

It can create personalized content and even anticipate and complete sentences.Augment works with native apps and web pages, providing context-aware assistance within workflows.It offers a shortcut feature for easy summoning and can retrieve any previously seen or heard information.

Augment ensures enterprise-level privacy and security, with Soc2 type 2 compliance and data control.It is currently available on macOS, with future support planned for Windows and Android.Augment remembers, anticipates, and helps users get things done across apps and web pages.

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Augment AI possible use cases:

  1. Organize scattered digital life into one platform.
  2. Create and distill personalized content from various sources.
  3. Boost your productivity and content management. Augment AI
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