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What is Atlabs?

atlabs is a full-stack AI video platform designed to streamline the video creation process for businesses of all sizes. With over 10,000 trusted customers, this end-to-end video marketing suite offers a range of sophisticated features to help users craft engaging videos 10x faster, simpler, and cheaper.

Users can leverage the AI script writer to generate scripts from input words or import existing content, select video goals, and instantly receive a professionally tailored script. The AI assets generator automagically creates and fetches assets for videos, while the motion graphics setup allows for the creation of stunning, on-brand graphics without requiring design expertise.

Additionally, users can take advantage of magic overlays to easily supplement their main video with additional assets in just one click. atlabs also offers AI voiceover and captions in over 40 languages, with auto-synced captions intelligently highlighting keywords to enhance video accessibility and engagement.

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⭐ Atlabs Core features

  • ✔️ AI script writer for generating scripts
  • ✔️ AI assets generator for creating and fetching video assets
  • ✔️ Motion graphics setup for designing on-brand graphics
  • ✔️ Magic overlays feature for easily supplementing videos with additional assets
  • ✔️ AI voiceover and captions in over 40 languages with auto-synced captions

⚙️ Atlabs use case ideas

  1. Generate scripts for marketing videos effortlessly using ##atlabs' AI script writer, which transforms input words into professionally tailored scripts in seconds, enabling businesses to create engaging content faster.
  2. Utilize ##atlabs' AI assets generator to automatically create and fetch assets for videos, simplifying the video creation process and reducing production costs for businesses.
  3. Enhance video accessibility and engagement by leveraging ##atlabs' AI voiceover and captions in over 40 languages, with auto-synced captions intelligently highlighting keywords to drive organic reach and boost audience retention.

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Marketing professionals
Business owners
Content creators
Video producers

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