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What is Astria?

Astria is the AI Singularity for Enterprise that provides an AI assistant for each team member to automate operations and enhance efficiency in the enterprise. The Free plan includes a personalized AI, SMS, email, and web chat, and limited data upload. Leverage existing data to improve AI-driven document generation. Use cases include drafting a legal contract, writing and submitting a grant proposal, DOD contract management, and AI-powered communications. The Edge plan includes additional usage and added capabilities.

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⭐ Astria Core features

  • ✔️ Ai assistant
  • ✔️ Document generation
  • ✔️ Legal contract
  • ✔️ Grant proposal
  • ✔️ Dod contract management

⚙️ Astria use case ideas

  1. Create and draft a legal contract with ease.
  2. DOD contract management.
  3. Improve communication within the enterprise using AI.

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