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AppGenius is a no-code platform for effortlessly building and deploying AI-based interactive content on your website. Create captivating calculators, product recommenders, and more! Entice your audience and collect leads with immersive AI-enhanced experiences.

The tool allows users to easily create and customize new apps in minutes and embed them on their existing HTML site.It also enables the capture of qualified leads by offering engaging AI-powered content to potential customers.

Users can collect emails, first names, last names, and phone numbers to convert their website into a lead magnet powered by generative AI tools.AppGenius can also be used to create interactive and personalized experiences for customers, such as recommending products and providing industry insights all without requiring coding skills. Details

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Tagged: No-code Marketing

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  1. Create and add interactive apps to your website without any code.
  2. Collect qualified leads on your site using various embeds.
  3. Customize UI and prompts via the app without changing codebase.
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