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What is Amadeus Code?

Evoke Music is an AI-powered songwriting assistant that helps musicians discover new chord progressions and content to create unlimited song sketches. It generates MIDI files that can be used in favorite DAW apps while allowing artists to maintain control over their work. The tool transcends styles and genres and can be used for free for the first 14 days with a starter-free trial. Afterward, users can upgrade to the premium version for $9.99/month to access more features.


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Amadeus Code Core features

  • ✔️ Discover new chord progressions
  • ✔️ Generate midi files
  • ✔️ Create unlimited song sketches
  • ✔️ Transcend styles and genres
  • ✔️ Control over work

Amadeus Code use case ideas

  1. Discovering new chord progressions.
  2. Creating unlimited song sketches.
  3. Generating MIDI files for DAW apps. Amadeus Code
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