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What is AIKIt?

The AI tool, aikit, is a WordPress plugin that uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to assist with content creation. It can help avoid writer's block by generating ideas and writing complete paragraphs. It seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg editor and allows users to select text and choose GPT-3 to generate content. There is a one-time purchase fee for the plugin and a usage fee for OpenAI's API. It is available for WordPress versions starting from v5.8.

AIKIt Details

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Tagged: Content creation

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AIKIt Core features

  • ✔️ Generating ideas
  • ✔️ Writing complete paragraphs
  • ✔️ Integration with gutenberg editor
  • ✔️ One-time purchase fee
  • ✔️ Usage fee for openai's api

AIKIt use case ideas

  1. Generate content ideas.
  2. Write complete paragraphs.
  3. Avoid writer's block. AIKIt
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