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What is AI Roguelite?

AI Roguelit is a text-based RPG game that uses artificial intelligence to generate everything from locations and enemies to crafting recipes and game mechanics. It is currently in early access with a release date of March 2, 2022. The game features turn-based combat, perma-death, and resource management in a fantasy, zombie, medieval, post-apocalyptic, or sci-fi setting. The game is being developed and published by Max Loh, and the development process involves community feedback through Discord, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. The full version is expected to have additional features like custom auto-generated memory notes, a favorites gallery, and Steam Workshop support.

AI Roguelite Details

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AI Roguelite Core features

  • ✔️ Location generation
  • ✔️ Enemy generation
  • ✔️ Crafting recipe generation
  • ✔️ Game mechanic generation

AI Roguelite use case ideas

  1. Entertainment and leisure.
  2. AI-assisted game development.
  3. AI-generated content showcase. AI Roguelite
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