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What is AI Magic Writer?

The AI tool is called AI Magic Writer and it is a video script and screenplay generator. It can be accessed on various devices, including Android and iOS phones, iPads, and desktops, and is designed for video professionals. It uses AI technology to help generate scripts quickly and offers free online teleprompter and video trimming features. It also includes automatic captioning and transcription, social media analytics, and the ability to stream live on various platforms.

AI Magic Writer Details

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AI Magic Writer Core features

  • ✔️ Video script generator
  • ✔️ Screenplay generator
  • ✔️ Teleprompting
  • ✔️ Video trimming
  • ✔️ Automatic captioning and transcription

AI Magic Writer use case ideas

  1. Quickly generate video scripts and screenplays.
  2. Utilize free online teleprompter and video trimming features.
  3. Automatically caption and transcribe videos, analyze social media, and stream live on various platforms.. AI Magic Writer
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