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AI Lesson Plan is a cloud-based generative AI platform that helps educators create custom, age-specific, and engaging lesson plans tailored to their class in a fraction of the time.The platform offers multiple lesson plan formats, including common ones such as 5E, Madeline Hunter, and Bloom's Taxonomy, and users can also customize their lesson plan templates.

AI Lesson Plan provides one-click creation of accompanying resources like rubrics, worksheets, homework assignments, and assessments. Pricing models include a free trial, basic plan, and enterprise plan, with discounts for yearly payments. The platform is fully customizable to meet personal educational standards and tailored to specific class subjects, grade-levels, and textbooks, creating a perfect teacher's aid software that saves teachers hours of work.

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AI Lesson Plan possible use cases:

  1. Create custom lesson plans with a specific teaching style.
  2. Generate accompanying resources for teaching a subject.
  3. Customize lesson plan templates for a subject. AI Lesson Plan
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