What is AI Easy Bookmarks?

AI Easy Bookmarks is an AI-powered tool that helps you organize your bookmarks effortlessly.With this tool, you can easily add new bookmarks and let the AI suggest the perfect category based on the content of the page.

The AI also generates a quick summary page for each bookmark, making it easy to find relevant information.The AI-powered bookmarks make it easy to categorize your bookmarks automatically, and the all-in-one dashboard provides an overview of your reading progress, folders, categories, favorites, read later guides, and more.

This tool is designed to provide the best bookmarking experience and is like having a personal assistant for your online needs.AI Easy Bookmarks has been awarded #4 on Product Hunt and has gained 1000 upvotes, top products pages, and 2nd & 3rd positions in day rank.

The tool is also available as part of an AI-powered bundle that includes other tools such as AI Easy Content Studio, AI Easy Prompt OS, and AI Easy Newsletter Studio.

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AI Easy Bookmarks offers a variety of features and benefits that make it a top choice for various users. These are some of the key features:

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    Pricing: Subscription
    Key Features:
    • - AI technology for categorizing Twitter bookmarks.
    • - Support for bulk export in CSV or JSON format.
    • - Auto-categorization using the latest GPT-4 model.
    • - One-time purchase plan for unlimited access.
    • - Streamlining bookmarking experience.
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  • Kome

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    Pricing: Freemium starts at: $0
    Key Features:
    • - Summarize articles.
    • - Webpage summarization.
    • - News summarization.
    • - Youtube video summarization.
    • - Bookmark management.
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