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What is Adept?

Adept is an AI tool that allows users to build machine learning models and interact with everything on their computers using plain language. The tool is focused on helping users achieve their goals and turn them into action through software they use every day. Adept's ModelAct-1 allows users to give natural language commands to take specific actions on their computer, such as adding a new contact or creating a profit loss column. Adept believes in creating user-centered AI systems that work together with people to discover new solutions, enable informed decisions, and give users more time to do what they love. There is a waitlist to join Adept and try out their tool.

Adept Details

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Tagged: Business Productivity

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Adept Core features

  • ✔️ Modelact-1
  • ✔️ Natural language commands
  • ✔️ User-centered ai system
  • ✔️ Informed decisions
  • ✔️ More time to do what they love

Adept use case ideas

  1. Automating repetitive tasks.
  2. Creating custom machine learning models.
  3. Streamlining workflow with natural language commands. Adept
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